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PyTorch 1.9, 2.7.2021

PyTorch 1.9.0 is now available in the pytorch/1.9 module on Puhti and Mahti. The module also includes the most recent versions of TorchVision, TorchAudio and TorchText. See the official release notes for more details.

Python Data 3.9, 22.6.2021

A new version of Python Data is now available with module load python-data/3.9-1 on Puhti. It includes the most recent versions of Scikit-learn, Pandas, JupyterLab and many other popular data analytics and machine learning packages for Python 3.9.

This is the first version of Python Data that has been installed using Singularity which should make loading times much faster. Thanks to wrapper scripts this change should be mostly invisible to users. If you still encounter any problems, don't hesitate to report them to CSC's service desk.

Last edited Fri Jul 2 2021