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Training material

Get the basics right! In addition the the Tutorials and FAQ collections, this page links to a selection of additional training material useful for self study. At the bottom of the page, you can also find a summary of trainings and training material sources and platforms by CSC and partners!

Linux & HPC basics

CSC cloud resources, cPouta, ePouta and Rahti

Learn R and Python

Data analytics and machine learning

Language bank




Data management

Training materials and sources from CSC and partners

Source Example content
CSC training calendar Upcoming courses
Links to self-learning materials, e.g. Elements of Supercomputing
eLena (Moodle environment) Research Data Management
CSC Computing Environment
Tutorials at Docs CSC Getting started with Puhti
Machine learning guide
Docs CSC training materials collection (this page) Links to thematically collected materials
CSC Notebooks Introduction to Python
Introduction to R
2h Intro to Quantum Computing
VideoCSC Introductions to topics
Recordings of weekly user support coffee talks
CSC's YouTube channel See also Chipster channel
Elmer channel
CSC Training GitHub Repositories of course materials (some are old)
LUMI training events Workshop on Quantum Computing
LUMI-C environment
LUMI training materials archive Materials of past LUMI courses
CodeRefinery lessons Version control
open and collaborative coding
Aalto SciComp trainings Python for Scientific Computing
Linux shell
Data analysis in Python and R

Last update: May 16, 2024