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DBaaS flavors and prices

Closed Beta

Pukki DBaaS is in closed beta. This means that the service is probably not suitable for most users and there might be breaking changes. If you are still interested in using the service you can contact us to see if the service would be suitable for you.

The database instances are hosted on top of cPouta. The billing is based on the flavor (database instance size), volume size of the database and how much backup you are using.


The prices have not yet been decided on, but they will be finalized before public beta.

Flavor types

Flavor Cores Memory
standard.small 2 2 4
standard.medium 3 4 7
standard.large 4 7 11
standard.xlarge 6 15 21
standard.xxlarge 8 30 38
standard.3xlarge 8 60 68
hpc.5.16core 16 55 61

Other resources

Resource type Unit Billing
Volumes GiB reserved 0.1 BU/GiB
Backups GiB usage 0.1 BU/GiB

Last update: May 26, 2023