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DBaaS flavors and prices

The database instances are hosted on top of cPouta. The billing is based on the flavor (database instance size), volume size of the database and how much backup you are using.

Flavor types

Flavor Cores Memory (MB) Billing Units / hour
standard.small 2 2000 2
standard.medium 3 4000 4
standard.large 4 8000 7
standard.xlarge 6 16000 13
standard.xxlarge 8 32000 25
standard.3xlarge 8 64000 50
hpc.5.16core 16 59392 60


Resource type Unit Billing Units / GiB hour
Volumes GiB reserved 0.01

The maximum volume size per database instance is currently 200 GiB.


Resource type Unit Billing Units / GiB hour
Backups GiB usage 0.003

Automatic daily backups are stored for 90 days and they consume billing units based on total backup usage.


Defaults Quotas

Resource type Amount
Maximum manual backups 1000
Maximum number of database instances 5
Maximum memory usage 20000 MB
Maximum volume reservation 50 GiB

If you need to run more or bigger database than what the default quota allows you can always send a request to ServiceDesk .

Last update: May 3, 2024