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External documentation

Platform documentation

Both the OpenShift and the Kubernetes projects maintain extensive user documentation. When looking at documentation, you should keep in mind that the documentation is versioned for each version of the platform. You should look at documentation for the platform with which you are currently working with. You can find out the relevant version information by clicking the question mark symbol in the top bar of the web interface and selecting "About" or with the oc version command line command while logged in to the OpenShift environment.

You could also have a look at "Awesome Kubernetes" which is a curated list of links about Kubernetes:


Knowing how to use Docker is also important when using container platforms:

There is also a curated list of links about Docker called "Awesome Docker" that you may find interesting for gaining deeper knowledge about Docker:

Tutorials and courses

There are many tutorials and online courses available for OpenShift and Kubernetes. Here is a list of some of them:

You may also find the material and the exercises of the CSC container course helpful:


You can find usage examples and announcements from the OpenShift and the Kubernetes blogs:

Last update: December 8, 2023