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Pushing an image to an External repository

It is possible to build an image in Rahti and push it to a private external repository. The steps to make it so are:

  1. Login into Rahti and, if needed, create a new Rahti project.

  2. Create a secret of type docker-registry. And link with the Service account that will run the build:

    oc create secret --docker-server=<url> docker-registry <url> \
                     --docker-username=<user> --docker-password=<token>
    oc secrets link builder <url>
    • url is the url of the registry. In case of docker hub the value should be, and for GitHub Packages it will be
    • user is the username needed to login in the registry.
    • password is the password or token. It is recommended to avoid using a password and better use very narrow purpose TOKEN that ideally only allow to push images and nothing else.
  3. Create the build:

    oc new-build --binary --to-docker=true \
                 --to=<image-url>:<tag> \
                 --name tutorial
    • image-url:tag is the url of the image that you are building. It is the same URL that you will later use to pull the image using docker pull.
    • The name can be anything that helps you remember what is this build for.
  4. Set the build secret for push:

    oc set build-secret --push bc/tutorial <url>
    • is the same as in step 2.

    Pull private image

    If you are building from a private image you can run the same command again replacing --push by --pull

  5. Test it. You can test the build by running the oc start-build command. The directory (. in the example below), must have a Dockerfile. You can also use the other methods described in the Creating images article.

    oc start-build tutorial --from-dir=.

Last update: February 15, 2024