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Problem Possible solution
Access Launched a new Desktop, but now the screen is black/frozen. The creation of a new Desktop can take up to 30 minutes. Come back later.
Cannot log in to SD Desktop Create a CSC account and a project in the MyCSC portal. Add service access for Allas (a CSC storage solution) and SD Desktop to your project.
Cannot turn off my Desktop. You can log out from Desktop at any moment (in the workspace view, top right corner of the browser, select your username and log out). You will always be able to reaccess your Desktop after logging in. Never use the lock or reboot buttons in SD Desktop as after that, you will not be able to connect the Desktop again
Cannot access paused Desktop. Apply billing units and unpause your virtual desktop. First apply for more billing units for your project in MyCSC. This will give you a positive balance to continue using the service. Log in to SD Desktop. On the SD Desktop homepage, click on Go To SD Desktop Management. Under Available desktops select the correct virtual desktop, and in the same row, on the right side, click on Resume. Restarting a paused desktop is possible only for active CSC projects with available billing units.
Collaborative project My collaborator added me to their CSC project, but I cannot access SD Desktop. Accept the terms of use and add service access for SD Desktop in the MyCSC portal.
Me and my colleague are members of the same CSC project. I cannot see the data they have analysed/edited in our private Desktop. Save the files in the Shared directory if you need to work on/edit files or datasets with your colleagues.
Cannot add more project members to the same Desktop. Your Desktop has too many simultaneous connections. Max 10 users can use the same Desktop at the same time. Furthermore, each user can have only one active connection to one Desktop. Remember to log out of the Desktop to end the active session.
Copy- Paste Function I cannot copy and paste my password or commands from outside the Desktop. We disabled the copy/paste options for security reasons. Thus you need to type in everything manually. Alternatively, you can import documents or scripts to SD Connect and do the copy-paste process inside SD Desktop.
Data export Cannot export results. Only the CSC project manager can export encrypted results from the SD Desktop for security reasons.
Data Access The Data Gateway application doesn’t work when I add my credentials. Use the username and password of your CSC account. Check that your project has service access for Allas (a CSC storage solution). Check that you haven’t changed your environment variables. Do not use passwords that contain @
I imported data from SD Connect with the Data gateway application but the data isn't decrypted. If you want the data to be automatically decrypted in SD Desktop, you need to encrypt the files using also the CSC Sensitive Data Services public key.
Need to import more than 80 GB of data. I already have an extra volume. You can link the added volume from your terminal: ls -s /path_to_volume_mount_point ~/SDCONNECTDATA
Disk space/ Volume Cannot add disk space to my Desktop. It’s possible to add disk space only when launching a new Desktop.
Cannot make a copy of a big dataset. Check that you have enough disk space on your Desktop. The maximum disk space of each Desktop is 280 GB, but it can be extended by contacting CSC Service Desk
Mac OS Mac keyboard is not recognized e.g. command+C is not translated to CTRL+C. You need to change the keyboard settings.
Software Cannot open RStudio on my Desktop. To access RStudio in SD Desktop, you need to open the terminal in your virtual Desktop and launch RStudio with start-rstudio-server.Check for more instructions above in the user guide.
Need software not provided in Desktop Contact CSC Service Desk (subject SD Desktop)

Last update: May 16, 2024