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Setting up a LUMI project and accounts for accessing Helmi

This page goes through the steps required for setting up an account on LUMI for accessing the Helmi quantum computer. It is assumed that you have some knowledge of supercomputing systems. If not, you can start by looking at overview of CSC supercomputers.

Access to Helmi through LUMI

You first need to create a Helmi project according to the instructions here: Helmi Projects on LUMI.

After creation of a project, the PI can invite additional standard users to the project:

The project PI is responsible for ensuring that the Helmi Terms of Use are followed.

Connecting to LUMI

Details for connecting to LUMI can be read through the LUMI Documentation page.

Details for running jobs on Helmi through lumi can found in the Running on Helmi page.

Support channels

The main channel for support for Helmi use through LUMI is the CSC Service Desk, reachable at

Last update: November 7, 2023