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How to create new CSC user account

There are two different types of CSC user accounts: ordinary accounts for general use (which you can get with or without Haka or Virtu) and machine-to-machine robot accounts for managing services.


Haka is the identity federation of the Finnish universities, polytechnics and research institutions. Users are able to access federation services using a single user account and password. User identities are provided by the users home organizations.

Virtu is a convenient and fast single sign-on for browser-enabled systems across organisational boundaries. Virtu is used by Finnish government agencies.

Getting an account with Haka or Virtu


If you are trying to access the LUMI web interface or LUMI-O, please see the LUMI documentation on how to get an account.

If your home organization is a member of the Haka or Virtu federation, you can create an account yourself.

  1. Go to MyCSC.
  2. Click Log in or Getting started.
  3. Click Virtu or Haka depending on which federation your home organization is a member of.
  4. Select your home organization and log in to their identity service.
  5. Fill in your information on the Sign up page.
  6. Set your password using 12 characters or more, containing both upper and lowercase letters and at least one number. No special characters are allowed.
  7. You will receive your CSC user account information via email.

Getting an account without Haka or Virtu

The preferred registration method is to log in using Haka or Virtu. If you do not have this option available, please ask your project manager to contact CSC Service Desk.

This mostly applies to foreign collaborators of Finland-based research groups, but basically anybody who has a project to join can register this way.


If you cannot use Haka or Virtu, and do not have a project to join, you can get an account if your home organization has a contract with CSC or you have been granted resources in a program. Contact and provide details about your use case, and we will check your eligibility.

User accounts for courses

For participants

If you are attending a course which is utilising CSC's services you need to create your own CSC user account with Haka or Virtu if you don't yet have one. Please see instructions above. 

For organisers/teachers

CSC does not provide temporary training specific user accounts for courses anymore. If the participant does not yet have a user account, it needs to be created. The course organiser can then invite participants to the course project. If you're not able to create CSC user accounts, please contact CSC Service Desk.

Please read carefully our guidance if you wish to have a course for your students using CSC's services. We request that you will create the project well in advance as soon as you have the list of the participants. And when the project is ready you are able to start sending out the invitations to your participants.

Please see instructions on how to create the course project

Getting a machine-to-machine robot account

If you are a registered CSC user and need another account for managing services that you run in the CSC services, we can create a machine-to-machine robot account for you. Please note that each service requires it's own unique robot account. Send the following information to

  • Project identifier (e.g. 2001679, uef4713) of the project your service uses
  • The CSC service your service uses (e.g. cPouta, Rahti)
  • Your mobile number (to which the password are sent via SMS)

Expiration of user accounts

If you have been granted an account for a fixed period, the account expires when the period ends. Accounts created with Haka or Virtu do not have an end date, and they remain valid as long as the account's password is changed once a year.

All accounts are immediately terminated if their owner is not reachable, i.e. emails bounce back.


If you want to terminate your account please contact

Last update: January 16, 2024