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CSC does not anymore recommend the usage of NoMachine for running remote graphics on CSC supercomputers. Instead, please use the Puhti web interface.

The NoMachine Client enables remote graphical work on CSC supercomputers from your local computer. The speedup vs. X11 (native or emulated) can be many fold, so you will experience substantial improvement. Note that with NoMachine you don't need X-emulators or X-term (in Linux).

NoMachine sketch - full description below image

A NoMachine client installed on your local machine is used to connect to NoMachine server in Kajaani, which is then used to make a fast local connection to CSC Supercomputer. This enables fast remote graphics.


The client is installed on your local machine, and the version 6 NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server runs on


The NoMachine client is free and access to is allowed for all CSC users.


NoMachine is used to connect from your local computer to, a gateway running a NoMachine server. There a simple Desktop enables you to ssh to CSC supercomputers. A NoMachine client is available for Win, Mac, Linux.

  1. You will need a user account at CSC (on the server where you run applications). If you don't have one, consult how to get a user account.
  2. Download the latest NoMachine Client (win, mac, linux) from the NoMachine site. Don't download the Desktop.
  3. Install and configure your NoMachine client. See CSC NoMachine Tutorial
  4. Start the NoMachine client and log on to
  5. Right click in the Desktop and choose the CSC server you want to use (opens an ssh terminal).
  6. Start working on great science.
  7. When you're done, disconnect or terminate the connection from the Desktop top right corner (peel menu). The number of overall sessions, including suspended ones, is limited to one per user.

More Information

  • NoMachine knowledge base
  • User support via CSC through

Last update: October 10, 2022