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Python Data

Collection of Python libraries for data analytics and machine learning.


The python-data module is available on Puhti only. Versions are numbered as X.Y.Z-N, where X.Y.Z is the version of the Python interpreter included, and N is a running version number starting from 1. Current versions are:

  • python-data/3.9-1 installed in June 2021, includes for example: Scikit-learn 0.24.2, Pandas 1.2.4 and JupyterLab 3.0.16. This is the first version of Python Data that has been installed using Singularity which should make loading times much faster. Thanks to wrapper scripts this change should be mostly invisible to users. If you still encounter any problems, don't hesitate to report them to CSC's service desk.
  • python-data/3.7.6-1 installed in June 2020, includesfor example: Scikit-learn 0.23.1, Pandas 1.0.4 and JupyterLab 2.1.4.
  • python-data/3.7.3-1 installed in July 2019.

Python-data tries to include a comprehensive selection of Python libraries for data analytics and machine learning, for example:

If you think that some important data analytics or machine learning package for Python should be included in the module provided by CSC, you can send an email to Note that some machine learning frameworks have their own specific modules, for example: PyTorch, TensorFlow, MXNet and RAPIDS.


All packages are licensed under various free and open source licenses (FOSS).


To use this software on Puhti, initialize it with:

module load python-data

to access the default version.

This will show all available versions:

module avail python-data

To check the exact packages and versions included in the loaded module you can run:



Note that Puhti login nodes are not intended for heavy computing, please use slurm batch jobs instead. See our instructions on how to use the batch job system.

Please also check CSC's general Python documentation.

Local storage

The GPU nodes in Puhti have fast local storage which is useful for IO-intensive applications. See our general instructions on how to take the fast local storage into use.

Last edited Thu Jun 24 2021