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Advanced DBaaS features

Application credentials

You can create application credentials instead of using usernames and passwords. This is especially useful if you want to automate your database management. This could be used in a CI/CD environment where you might want to create a new database for each commit. Application credentials could also be used if you are building a service that uses the DBaaS as a backend component for example for creating new database users on-demand for new users.

Configuration groups

You can modify your database parameter through configuration groups. Configuration groups are a concept to store your database settings in way so that you can apply the same settings to multiple databases. Some of the parameters require a restart. The parameters depend on the database engine. The configuration groups can be modified from the web-GUI as well as the CLI-tool.

Example how to create a configuration group with the CLI

  1. Figure out which datastore, datastore-version and what values you want to create a configuration group for. In this example we will use datastore postgresql and datastore-version 14.4.
  2. Figure out which parameters can be modified:

    openstack database configuration parameter list --datastore postgresql 14.4

    Note that some parameters require restarting the database instance.

  3. Create a configuration group. We want to call this group group-name and we want to modify max_connections to 234.

    openstack database configuration create group-name --datastore postgresql \
        --datastore-version 14.4 '{"max_connections": 234 }'
  4. You can see the configuration group with:

    openstack database configuration show group-name
  5. You can also update the configuration group. Note that you need to use the group's ID and you also need to define all parameters. Otherwise the old parameters will be removed. This might be easier to modify from the web-GUI.

    openstack database configuration set $GROUP_ID '{"min_wal_size": 160, "max_connections": 234 }'
  6. Once you are happy with your configuration group you can attach it to an instance:

    openstack database configuration attach $INSTANCE_ID $CONFIGURATION_GROUP_ID
  7. If your configuration group contained changes that require a restart, you will need to restart your database instance.

    openstack database instance restart $INSTANCE_ID


    You will not be able to attach a new configuration group before restarting the instance if you detached a configuration that requires a restart. Also, only one configuration group can be attached at the same time.


    No new backups will be taken of the instance before the restart has been done.

Last update: March 28, 2024