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Pouta storage

This article introduces the storage options available in CSC's cloud environment. Using the storage requires an account, a project, and a virtual machine.

There is at least one type of storage available on every virtual machine: the file system defined by the virtual machine image. This is the primary disk of the virtual machine. In addition, it may have a certain amount of additional local disk space called ephemeral storage in the OpenStack terminology defined by the flavor. This storage is visible on the machine as a second hard disk.

This storage is only available while the machine is running. When you terminate the machine, the data is lost. You should not store any persistent data there, and the storage should not be considered reliable. For persistent storage, you can use volumes and the object storage as introduced below.


The Pouta object storage and Allas are separate services at least for now. So, there might be need for a Pouta object storage subsection in the main object storage article, which also describes Allas.

Ephemeral storage

Persistent volumes