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CSC's services are free of charge for academic research, teaching or training for members of Finnish higher education institutions and state research institutes.

See the Billing unit and price calculator at

The billing rates for the services are as follows:


For LUMI billing, see the LUMI documentation.

The use of Fairdata IDA and Kaivos doesn't consume billing units.

Monitoring billing unit consumption

In the My Projects page in MyCSC you can study the billing unit consumption and apply for more billing units. There you can easily check who consumed the billing units, when they were consumed and in which service. Note that storage-related billing unit consumption (in Puhti/Mahti Scratch folders and in Allas) is not linked to a specific user account and is reported as "other".

Restricted service access when billing units have been consumed

When all billing units in your CSC Project have been consumed, service usage can be limited in services that consume billing units. You can track your CSC Project's billing unit usage via MyCSC as described above. You can regain full access to your services by applying for additional billing units using the MyCSC portal.

Detailed information on how services are currently limiting the use when billing units run out:

Last update: May 16, 2024