Puhti has a new billing scheme. Billing on Taito and in the cloud remains as before.


Compute billing

Puhti is a heterogenous system with CPU, GPU and IO nodes and nodes with varying amounts of memory. Moreover, it is possible to use only a fraction of a node and its various resources. The billing scheme charges billing units (BU) in fair way based on the reserved amount of node resources.

In the billing scheme, the BU consumption rate of a compute job depends linearly on the number of requested cores and GPUs and the amount of requested memory (per core). More precisely:

  • Each reserved core consumes 1 BU per hour.
  • Each GiB of reserved memory consumes 0,1 BUs per hour.
  • Each reserved GiB of NVMe disk (if available) consumes 0,006 BUs per hour.
  • Each reserved GPU consumes 60 BUs per hour.

The total BU consumption per hour is the sum of the above terms:

Total BUs = ( NCores * 1 + MemGiBs * 0,1 + NVMeGiBs * 0,006 + NGPUs * 60 ) * Walltime hours

Lustre scratch disk billing

The default 1 TiB scratch disk quota is free. Increased quota charges:

  • 1 TiB consumes 50 000 BUs per year.


The Allas object storage charges:

  • 1 TiB consumes 1 BUs per hour.

Estimating billing units

To make it easier for customers to estimate how many billing units they need, there is a billing unit calculator available for all CSC compute and storage services.