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Technical details about Helmi

Architecture and Topology

Helmi is a 5-qubit quantum computer co-developed by VTT and IQM using superconducting qubits. The qubits are arranged in a star shaped topology, with the central qubit being Qubit 3 (QB3) connected to the other 4 qubits. This means that any two-qubit gate will work between QB3 and any other qubit, whereas one-qubit gates can be mapped to any of the 4 surrounding qubits.

Helmi's node mapping

Native Gates

Helmi's native gates are the two-qubit controlled-z gate and the one-qubit phased x-rotation gate.

Defining topology and gates in Qiskit and Cirq

The topology, supported instructions and backend specific metadata can be queried directly with Qiskit on IQM or Cirq on IQM. For example:

# Qiskit
from iqm.qiskit_iqm import IQMProvider
provider = IQMProvider(iqm_server_url)
backend = provider.get_backend()
print(f'Native operations of the backend: {backend.operation_names}')
print(f'Coupling map of the backend: {backend.coupling_map}')
# Cirq
from iqm.cirq_iqm import Adonis
adonis = Adonis()

Further Reading

Last update: January 30, 2024