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Start here: Accessing Sensitive Data services

If you are a new Sensitive Data (SD) services user, this section is for you. Here you learn how to access SD Services for the first time and how to manage your project's billing unit consumption, storage space, project members and what happens to your data upon project closure.

Access SD Connect and SD Desktop for the first time

Before logging into SD Connect or SD Desktop for the first time, you must do some preparations in MyCSC, based on your role in research team.

CSC project enables service usage

Using CSC services is based on CSC projects managed in MyCSC customer portal. Each CSC project has a primary user i.e. project manager, who can add members and manages access to the services. A project manager is responsible for the project's activities and acts as the data controller (or academic organization) representative. They, for example, need to describe which type of sensitive data the project is processing.

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Project manager creates and manages CSC project

  • The person who creates the project in MyCSC is the project manager. This is usually done by research team manager.
  • Project manager can invite project members and manage project's lifetime, storage space and billing units.
  • Only the project manager can export data from SD Desktop.

Step by step tutorial for project manager

Project member joins CSC project

  • Project member is a person who joins to existing CSC project.
  • All project members have equal access permissions to the project's content.
  • SD Connect: project members can upload, download and delete files same way as project manager.
  • SD Desktop: project members can upload data and analyze it, but they can not export anything from SD Desktop. Only the project manager can export data from SD Desktop.

Step by step tutorial for project member

Last update: May 16, 2024