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Using the web interface

All applications launched in OpenShift run within projects that can be created by any authenticated user. Each project has its own private virtual network and it is isolated from other projects. Users can only see projects they have created themselves or that have been shared with them. Any containers, volumes and other resources created by users are always created within a project. You might need to wait a few hours after your access application is accepted, before you can authenticate to Rahti 2.

You can either select applications to run in the application catalog that is visible when first logging in or launch any applications using the primitives described in the background chapter.

Log in at

User not found

If you get an error message similar to this please read through the article Getting access. Error_no_user

Choose the RAHTI-2 environment and click the 'Login page' button.

After logging in you should see a page like this:

OpenShift main page

Proceed to create a project for running your applications.

Last update: April 11, 2024