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Helmi Projects on LUMI

Helmi is accessed through the LUMI environment. Users accessing Helmi need to be part of a LUMI project with allocated quantum computing resources. The first step is to create a LUMI project. All LUMI projects require a Principal Investigator serving as the Project Manager. A LUMI Project Manager is typically a leader of a research team or other senior researcher.

The connection to Helmi through LUMI is now accepting pilot phase projects.

Open Call for pilot phase projects

Pilot phase projects for researchers in Finnish higher-education institutions and research organisations is now open. See the Call text here

  • During the pilot phase, approved projects will get 24 hours of access to the FiQCI Quantum Partition, q_fiqci.
  • Max run time for a single job is 15 minutes.
  • You will need to read and accept the Helmi General Terms of Use and adhere to export restrictions.
  • More details in the Call text.

Detailed instructions on the process of creating a general LUMI project via MyCSC are here:

Note that during the pilot phase, access is provided "as is", without guarantees of any specific functionality. One aim of the pilot phase is to, together with the users, develop the service further and make it as usable and powerful as possible. All feedback is highly appreciated, please comment on your experience to

Getting Started

To get started with Helmi see Access Helmi through LUMI.

Further reading:

Last update: July 24, 2023