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CSC Cloud Services consists of Pouta hardware virtualisation service, Rahti 2 application containerisation service, Pukki cloud database service and CSC Notebooks web application course hosting service. CSC hosts all services itself, with data centres in Finland.


The Pouta service is a cloud computing infrastructure based on the OpenStack. It provides virtual computer hardware platforms, storage and computer network resources.

If you need a full access to your virtual machines, storage and virtual network devices, choose Pouta.


Pukki is a cloud database service that provides on demand databases with automatic backups and maintenance. If you have a CSC-account you should be able to get your first database within 15 minutes and your second database within five. If you are doing research, arranging courses or building a new services that needs databases you probably want to check out this service before you start setting up manually your own database.

If you need a self-service database with backups, choose Pukki.

Rahti 2

Rahti 2 is a containerisation service based on Red Hat OKD. It provides application level virtualisation where software applications can run in isolated user spaces without root access.

If you need an environment to run a containerised software application that does not require root privileges, choose Rahti 2.

CSC Notebooks

CSC Notebooks is a hosted platform for teaching and research. It provides a technical environment for hosting e.g. Jupyter Notebook, RStudio Server and Apache Spark environments combined with user management.

If you need a turnkey solution for listed environments, choose CSC Notebooks.

Last update: December 11, 2023