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How to view billing unit usage

Consumption of CSC's resources is mainly measured in billing units. IDA and Kaivos do not consume billing units; they only have quota limits for each project.

Check your BU consumption:

  1. Login to MyCSC.
  2. Choose My Projects in the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Choose a project.
  4. The usage is shown under Resource Usage.

In the usage plot, you can:

  • View the monthly usage by user by hovering the mouse over the bars
  • Select or unselect certain users by clicking their username
  • Switch between cumulative and regular view


Do not confuse quotas with billing units. Quotas are service-specific limits to keep the usage within limits. See the instructions under Computing, Cloud and Data for instructions how the remaining quotas can be followed up in each service.

You can often see usage information of an 'other' user. See the explanation in FAQ:

Last update: February 15, 2023