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Sensitive data

Introduction to Sensitive Data (SD) services

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What is sensitive data

Sensitive data is defined as any information that is protected against unwarranted disclosure. Protection of data may be required for legal or ethical reasons, for issues pertaining to personal privacy, or for proprietary considerations. Read more about sensitive data from

CSC's Sensitive Data services are available to:

  • Researchers and students affiliated with Finnish higher education institutions (universities, universities of applied sciences)
  • Research institutes and their international collaborators
  • Using CSC services requires you to register a CSC account


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What's new with Sensitive Data services

Frequently asked questions

We kindly request that users carefully read the instructions before proceeding to use the services to ensure a smooth experience.

Service Breaks

  • SD Desktop and SD Connect undergo regular maintenance on the first Wednesday of every month
  • Please note that occasional urgent maintenance may also be required for technical or security reasons. In such cases, we will notify you via email
  • All service breaks are scheduled on Service Breaks -website

About this user guide

This user guide introduces CSC's Sensitive Data (SD) services

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Useful terminology

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Last update: March 13, 2024