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SD Desktop for seconday use of health and social data (register data).

What is the SD Desktop for secondary use?

The SD Desktop service is a certified environment for data processing under the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data (requires a permit provided by Findata, the Finnish Social and Health Data Permit Authority). SD Desktop has been audited against the Findata regulation.

How does processing secondary use data on SD Desktop differ from standard use of Sensitive Data services?

With register data, there are some restrictions to the service compared to the standard use of SD Desktop. The restrictions are necessary to comply with the regulation of the Health and Social Data Permit Authority (Findata). Most important limitations include: the CSC project and data access is managed by CSC instead of the user and other services (for example SD Connect) are not available. Read more in SD Desktop service description.

How can I access register data with SD Desktop?

First, you need to have a data permit from Findata. Then you need to request for a CSC project from our service desk ( with the data permit and create a CSC account if you do not have one already. The data will be transported directly to the service from Findata and available only for verified project members on the virtual Desktop. For more information see: SD Desktop for seconday use.

Can I combine my own data with register data on SD Desktop?

In a project using secondary use health and social data, all the data processed on SD Desktop must be provided by Findata. If you want to combine your own findings with register data, you need to specify it in your application for a Findata permit.

Is it possible to install software to SD Desktop when processing secondary use data?

The programs available on the Desktop are listed in the user guide. Only Findata can provide additional file/software/script to CSC, where you can access then in SD Desktop. If the software you need is not pre-installed on SD Desktop, you need to 1) contact our service desk ( to check if the program is compatible with the service, and 2) request Findata to import the files to your Desktop. Read more on Findata website.

How can I export my results from SD Desktop?

You need to make a request to our service desk ( to export your results. The results will be exported directly to Findata and you will receive them after the authority’s scrutiny.

What will happen to my data after the secondary use data permit expires?

You will not be able to access your virtual Desktop after the validity period of your data permit ends. If you do not send an amendment application to Findata and request us to extend the duration of your project, you will be removed from the CSC project and the project will be considered inactive. The project and all the data will be deleted after 90 days, according to CSC’s data retention policy. You need to have all your results exported from the virtual Desktop before the data permit expires – otherwise you cannot access them when the permit is no longer valid.

Last update: September 13, 2022