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How to get access to Puhti

To get access to Puhti, you need a CSC account and a project with Puhti service. Please see the Accounts section

Common problems and some tips

  • Note, that you need to accept the terms for Puhti of use in MyCSC before you can access Puhti. There is some delay before the information is updated to Puhti.
  • Note, that if you have just changed your CSC password, there is longer delay before this information is updated to Puhti.
  • In MyCSC you can check which projects you have, and in the Services list for that project you can see whether the services are accepted (green tick mark indicates this)
  • In Puhti, csc-workspaces command will show you which projects you're a member of

Last update: April 20, 2021