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Docs CSC is based on Material for MkDocs. Note that not all (by far) features are supported.

Reference - Material for MkDocs

This page contains some elements that are available in Docs CSC. For example, here we have some body text with an external link. Some of it is boldfaced, some italicized. Some might be monospaced. Some acronyms, like HPC, are defined automatically (see: Glossary).

There's even text in a blockquote. The blockquote has some filler text after an empty line. I like to imagine it's what a typewriter would dream.

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There is a glossary of HPC-related acronyms that get highlighted automatically. For example: CPU, GPU, QPU, etc. The acronyms are defined in the markdown file csc-overrides/assets/glossaries/ More acronyms/terms can be added there or to another markdown file, like so:

*[GNU]: GNU's not Unix!
- ...
- pymdownx.snippets:
    base_path: csc-overrides/assets/glossaries
- ...


The heading for Headings is a heading of a heading level 2. Remember to only use one heading level 1 heading on your page and to keep the heading hierarchy intact. So no skipping levels.

This is a heading level 3 heading

That one's a level 3. Here is some text under it.

Now for a level 4 heading

Some text four it here.

Level 5 heading: now with added monospace

No text this time.

Level 6

More text coming up next in Text.


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Unordered list

Here is an unordered list:

  • It has an item
  • Another item
  • And yet another item

Ordered list

Let's make an ordered list:

  1. An item on a list
  2. Another item
  3. Even a third item

Source code

# Here is a box with some syntax highlighted Python

from somewhere import some_code

LIST = [1, 2, "three"]

class PythonClass:
    def __init__(self):
        self.__property = "A string property"

    def property(self):
        return __property

    def method(parameter):
        return [None] * parameter + NUMBER

def main():
    string = f'Length of list is {len(LIST)}.'
// Here's a JavaScript comment with a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong line. You know, for testing purposes. Tell you what, let's make it just a bit longer still.


This Table Has Five Columns


The fallback style

Here we have an important announcement

Make sure you read this note inside this very important-looking box, since this is the fallback for unknown type qualifiers.

Type qualifier can be anything, as long as it's not default, default-label, info, info-label, warning, warning-label, error, error-label, success or success-label. Perhaps a suitable one would just simply be: note.

Title may be removed with note "".

Styles available with type qualifiers

Alert style

Nothing special

Type qualifier: default.


This isn't the actual default (fallback) admonition for legacy reasons.

Information available

Type qualifier: info

You've got it!

Type qualifier: success

You're on thin ice!

Type qualifier: warning


Type qualifier: error

With the title removed

Type qualifier: default ""

Type qualifier: info ""

Type qualifier: success ""

Type qualifier: warning ""

Type qualifier: error ""

Label style


Label type available with type qualifier default-label.


Label type available with type qualifier info-label.


Label type available with type qualifier success-label.


Label type available with type qualifier warning-label.


Label type available with type qualifier error-label.

Inline admonitions

For inline admonitions, you first define the admonition as either inline or inline end. Then, you define the content.

Hold on!

This script might give unexpected results!

warning inline "Hold on!"

Then again, it might not.

info inline end

    if [ $RANDOM -eq $RANDOM ];
        echo $a $b


Try adding a   if inline admonitions give you trouble. Example found right above this line in markdown source.

Embedded videos

At the moment, to avoid setting cookies, embedded videos are rendered only as an image with a link to the video in question. For example: Behold! Here is a video of a horse kicking a tree, farting on some dogs, and then running away:


%%{init: {'theme': 'neutral' }}%%
graph TD
    A(Does your reference card have a Mermaid chart?) -->|Yes| B(Good)
    A -->|No| C(Yes, it does.)
    C --> |What? No, you can't just... Oh.| B


Docs CSC supports two button variants from the CSC Design System.

Default button


Outlined button


Tabbed content

Content can be divided into tabs. The first one is visible by default.

There can be any content, like this admonition, under tabs.

Tables work fine too
just as an example

It can get quite messy:

You can even have nested tabs under admonition under tabs.

I would recommend against it, though.

Last update: October 28, 2022