RStudio IDE

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R. More information on RStudio can be found on the RStudio website.


The rstudio module on Puhti supports the following RStudio Desktop versions:

  • 1.2.5019


The RStudio Desktop installation on Puhti is based on the Open Source Edition (available under the AGPL v3 license). The RStudio End User License Agreement can be found here.


Loading the module

To use this module on Puhti, first start a shell session on the interactive partition using the sinteractive command. As an example, the following command would launch a session with 8 GiB of memory and 100 GiB of local scratch space. It is also possible to specify several other options, including the running time (see the sinteractive documentation). Maximal reservations in the interactive partition include: 1 core, 16 GB of memory, 7 days of time and 160 GB of local scratch space. If these limits are too restrictive, sinteractive can also be used to launch interactive jobs in the small partition (see here for information on Puhti partitions).

sinteractive --account <project> --mem 8000 --tmp 100

Once you have opened an interactive shell session, the rstudio module can be launched after loading the r-env module. RStudio can then be started using the command rstudio. Note that after running the rstudio command, it may take a while for RStudio to initialize.

module load r-env
module load rstudio

For information on r-env, see the user documentation here.


Citation information for RStudio is available via the following command:


Further information