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Dassault Systemes' SIMULIA academic software portfolio offers software tools for for realistic simulation, optimization, durability studies, multibody simulation, computational fluid dynamics and electromagnetic simulation. SIMULIA Academic Research Suite licenses are available on CSC's server computers.


SIMULIA Academic Research Suite products are proprietary software. The licenses are only for academic use. See about use limitations from link given below in section More Information, and on the Simulatia site, page Eligibility for Academic Licensing of SIMULIA Products.


Licenses are available on CSC's computing platform Puhti for analysis runs only. Latest products will be available on the servers, and earlier versions installation is also possible. All installed versions are maintained on the servers.


After login on the server, make sure that you have transferred all your input files for the analysis run from your local computer to the server. Locate the files in your project's scratch directory. Home directory is not intended for computing.

To find out which versions of Abaqus are installed on the server, give command

module available

and check lines abaqus/(version number). For example, to load Abaqus version 2022, give command

module load abaqus/2022

There is an example of batch job file available on Puhti server:


Copy the file and modify it for your own use. Further instructions are given in the file.


In a problem situation, send an email to

More information

Last update: October 10, 2022