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Guide for students

Instructions for using CSC Notebooks as:

  • Student, who wants to take a self-learning course.
  • Student, who wants to participate to a tutored course.
  • Researcher in collaborator project, where your the environment has been already set up by a co-worker.

1. Login to CSC Notebooks

2. Join a course, optional

For tutored courses or collaborator projects, you should have received a join code from your course organizer or co-worker.

  • Click the Join workspace button on the top right corner of the Notebooks home page.
  • Enter the join code in the popup and click the + button.
  • If that succeeded, it will guide you to your courses workspace, from where you can find your courses application from the list.
  • If it did not succeed, ṕlease verify that your copied the join code correctly and there are no trailing whiltespaces.

3. Start a session

  • In Notebooks home page, find the application for your course or collaboration project. You will be presented with a list of publicly accessible applications and application of your workspace. The applications that have self-learning material included are marked with self-learning label.
  • Start the application by using the power control button on the right of the application. A new tab will open with your application. If your browser blocks this pop-up, you can click on the power control again to enter the session.

4. End a session

  • When you are finished, delete the application session using the power control button.
  • The running application session will be deleted automatically if the session exceeds its lifetime. Lifetime is shown next to the power control button. The remaining time is visible in the power control button itself.
  • Application can have different CSC Notebooks provides different ways for storing data. For an explanation of the different possibilities, see the separate document on data persistence.


Self-learning applications do not support saving your session or data. If you want to keep your content, please download it locally before your session ends.

Last update: April 13, 2022