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Getting started with CSC services for students


Please read this page carefully!

MyCSC - Getting started with CSC services for students

This tutorial gathers all the information you, as a student, need to get started with using CSC services.

The easiest way is to create a student project.

Project Details

  • Student project is access to a fixed amount of resources for a fixed period of time for selected CSC services.
  • Its purpose is to help students with their studies free of charge1.
  • The services are provided through the same infrastructure used by researchers, teachers and other students at Finnish higher education institutions.2

So - please be mindful of your use of resources. Respect infrastructure and other users.3

Managing Project

  • Thanks to our updated terms and conditions, you - the student - can now be the project manager of the student project.
  • You will have the same responsibilities as any other CSC Project Manager.4
  • As a project manager, you can invite people to your project5. (but you're also responsible for their actions in the project)
  • Student projects are not intended for sensitive data6 and cannot store such data.

Available Services


That's it! Now you know your rights and responsibilities in the student project.

Student Project 1-2-3

Below's the life cycle of a student project:

  1. Create a new user account (done once at first login)
  2. Create a student project
  3. Add members to your project (optional)
  4. Add access to services
  5. Use the services.
  6. Manage your data across multiple services and plan to back it up before the project ends.
  7. Project ends

You can be a project manager for one student project at a time, but a member for many.

You can create a new project (step 2) when your project ends.

Last update: December 12, 2023