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When will my batch job run?

The exact time is impossible to predict. The fair share mode allocates resources based on your job's priority, but the the start of the job is also subject to availability of the resources you requested. A prediction based on the current jobs and the resources they have requested can be made. To see all your jobs and their JOBIDs give:

squeue -u $USER

an estimate when the job would run (if no new jobs were submitted and if all running and queueing jobs used all the time they have requested) can be shown for JOBID 20424242 with:

[username@puhti-login12 ~]$ squeue -j 20424242 --start
  20424242   small cool_stuff  username PD 2020-05-09T03:55:15      1 r06c64       (Priority)

Priority as the reason for why the job is pending means there are other jobs in the queue with a higher priority. Resources on the other hand, mean that your job would run, if the requested resources were available, and will, once they do. If you see

(Nodes required for job are DOWN, DRAINED or reserved for jobs in higher priority partitions)

as the reason, don't worry. This "reason" may look alarming, but typically the nodes your jobs needs are just in use in by other jobs, like it says, and your job is queuing as it should.

You can also show the current priorities:

squeue -u $USER -o "%.18i %.9P %.8j %.8u %.8T %.10M %.9l %.6D %Q"

To minimize queueing, please also see:

Last update: October 5, 2022