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How to open a terminal to a Pod?

In order to open a terminal to a Running Pod there are two options:

Using the web interface

  1. Log into Rahti's web interface and navigate to Applications > Pods.

Terminal Pod

  1. Click on any of the Pod names whose status is Running.

Terminal Pod

  1. Click on the Terminal tab to reveal the terminal.

Terminal Pod

Using the command line with oc

  1. First, get the name of the Pod you want to open an interactive terminal session to:

    $ oc get pods
    NAME                READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
    django-ex-1-build   0/1       Completed   0          2h
    django-ex-1-svwg2   1/1       Running     0          2h
    django-ex-1-rtbak   1/1       Running     0          2h
  2. We see that a terminal to either django-ex-1-svwg2 or django-ex-1-rtbak can be opened.

    oc rsh pod/django-ex-1-rtbak

Last update: December 22, 2022