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Access and authentication

Are CSC Sensitive Data Services accessible through the public internet?

Yes, SD Connect and SD Desktop are directly accessible through the public internet with any modern web browser (e.g., Google Chrome or Firefox), without installing any software or using a VPN.

How can I start using CSC Sensitive Data Services?

To access SD Connect (store and share) and SD Desktop (compute), you need to set up a CSC account and a CSC project (see: user guide or video tutorials). You can then access the services at any time.

SD Submit and Federated EGA, the services for submitting sensitive data to a national repository for re-use, are in the pilot phase. Contact us at (subject: Sensitive Data) for more information.

Do SD Connect and SD Desktop support federated authentication methods?

  • Yes, SD Desktop supports:

  • Haka (the identity federation of the Finnish universities, polytechnics, and research institutions)

  • ELIXIR Login (a service that provides authentication and authorization within the ELIXIR infrastructure). To register:

  • SD Connect currently supports only Haka, and we are working on updating the authentication methods.

Does CSC provide Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Yes, MFA is enabled on SD Desktop. For specific guidance regarding the MFA activation on your CSC account, see the Multi-factor Authentication paragraph.

Last update: September 13, 2022