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Is it possible to move data in Allas to new project?

In Allas, data movement between projects can be done by giving the receiving project read or write access to the bucket containing the data. The other project can then either read the data directly from the shared bucket or copy the data to its own bucket.

You can give read access for another project with s3cmd:

s3cmd: Giving another project read access to a bucket

or with Swift:

Swift: Giving another project read and write access to a bucket

Another way to move data between projects could be first downloading the data from the original project and then uploading it to the new project. Instructions for moving data between Puhti and Allas can be applied here. Basically, first download the data from Allas to somewhere (for example: cloud environment, local computer, supercomputer (Puhti, Mahti) or virtual machine) and then upload it back to Allas into another project.

Last update: December 12, 2019