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I cannot login. What to do?

The first thing to do when you encounter login problems is to find out which services you can login and which you cannot.

I can login to MyCSC but not the system I want to use

If you can login to MyCSC, there are three common reasons for login problems affecting other services, like Puhti:

  1. The service you are trying to login is down or has issues. See notifications in your mailbox or at Wait until the maintenance is completed or the issue is resolved.
  2. You have no projects enabled in the service that you are trying to login. Check the services linked to your projects at MyCSC. Add service access for your project if you have a suitable project, or create a new project, and for it, add the access to the service.
  3. You just changed your password and it has not yet been updated on the system you try to access. Please allow for up to one hour and retry. Too many repeated failed attempts will (temporarily) block your IP address or account.

I cannot login to MyCSC

If you cannot login to MyCSC, there is one problem that is more common than others:

  1. Your account is locked. The most common reasons are:

  2. You have not changed your password for a year.

  3. We have sent email to you but it bounces back.
  4. Your account was granted for a fixed period and the time is up.

You need to contact us to get your account unlocked. Our email address is

Last update: May 19, 2020