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Sen2Cor is a stand-alone processor for Sentinel-2 Level 2A product generation and formatting.


Sen2Cor is available in Puhti with following versions:

  • 2.9
  • 2.8


Sen2Cor is included in the sen2cor module and can be loaded with

module load sen2cor

You run the program with the command

L2A_Process <arguments>

More information on the available arguments can be displayed with

L2A_Process --help

or from the Sen2Cor user manual.

License and citing

Sen2Cor is published under the GPL-3 license.

In your publications please acknowledge also oGIIR and CSC, for example β€œThe authors wish to acknowledge for computational resources CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland (urn:nbn:fi:research-infras-2016072531) and the Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research (oGIIR, urn:nbn:fi:research-infras-2016072513).”


Last edited Fri Sep 10 2021