PDAL is an open source command line application for point cloud translations and processing.


PDAL is available in the following versions:

  • 2.1.0 (included in the geoconda-3.8 module)
  • 2.0.1 (included in the geoconda-3.7 module)


Using pdal

PDAL and pdal Python library are included in the geoconda module and can be loaded with

module load geoconda

You can test if pdal loaded successfully with following

pdal --help

License and citing

PDAL is licensed with the BSD open source license. The full licence can be found here

In your publications please acknowledge also oGIIR and CSC, for example “The authors wish to acknowledge for computational resources CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland (urn:nbn:fi:research-infras-2016072531) and the Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research (oGIIR, urn:nbn:fi:research-infras-2016072513).”