OpenFOAM (for "Open-source Field Operation And Manipulation") is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers, and pre-/post-processing utilities for the solution of continuum mechanics problems, most prominently including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), (OpenFOAM in Wikipedia). OpenFOAM has an extensive range of features to solve anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics and electromagnetics (by OpenCFD Ltd).

There are three different variants of OpenFOAM, of which at CSC - IT Center for Science computer platforms are currently installed different versions from OpenFOAM Foundation and OpenCFD Ltd.


OpenFOAM is freely available and open source, and is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (Gnu GPL or GPL), with GPL license typical characteristics for exploitation. OpenFOAMĀ® is registered trademark of OpenCFD Ltd, licensed to the OpenFOAM Foundation.


Different versions of OpenFOAM by OpenFOAM Foundation and OpenCFD are installed on Puhti and Mahti servers.


After login on the server, give command

module load openfoam

the command only lists available versions with some extra information. For to launch a spesific version, follow given instructions, that is, for example, for to launch OpenFOAM Foundation's versio 7, give command


OpenCFD's versions are recognized of version sign starting with letter v, ie, for to launch version v1906, give command


Version specific example files for a batch job scripts are available on the servers. The instructions how to copy those example files are printed on the terminal after module loading command.


In problem situation, send an email to

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