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Cutadapt finds and removes adapter sequences, primers, poly-A tails and other types of unwanted sequence from your high-throughput sequencing reads.


Free to use and open source under MIT License


  • Puhti: 3.2, 3.4, 3.5


In Puhti, latest version of Cutadapt can be taken in use by loading a module:

module load cutadapt

You can check the available versions with command:

module spider cutadapt

You can load a specific version with comamnd:

module load cutadapt/3.2

The basic syntax is:

cutadapt --help

Cutadapt should be run either in an interactive session or as a batch job.



More information about Cutadapt can be found from the Cutadapt home page.

Last edited Wed Nov 17 2021