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Cloud services

Pukki DBaaS now available for all users, 28.3.2024

Pukki is a Database as a Service (DBaaS), suitable for most database use cases. With Pukki you can easily and effortlessly set up a database with a few clicks and manage it as a self-service, instead of manually setting up and maintaining your own database environment.

CSC Notebooks runs version R5 of Pebbles software, 5.10.2022

As of 2022, CSC Notebooks runs version R5 of Pebbles software. Compared to R4:

  • User interface has similar functionality but is greatly improved.
  • Environments/blueprints are now called applications.
  • Applications are arranged in workspaces. Workspaces are closely related to groups in the previous version, but come with additional features. Workspaces also have lifetime.
  • Workspaces have a shared folder for sharing files with members.
  • Workspace members also have a dedicated my-work folder to save their course work between sessions.

Last update: March 28, 2024