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These tutorial videos teach you how to use Blender software for scientific visualisation. The series focuses on features useful for scientists, and correspond to one full day hands-on course. Note that the videos have caption texts, which you can switch on in YouTube (the "CC" button in the right bottom corner of the video). These videos were created by Jyrki Hokkanen in late 2020. Materials for hands-on exercises can be downloaded from Allas (the links are provided in the sections below).

Introduction to Blender

This first tutorial of six covers Blender 2.9 introduction and installation.


This second tutorial covers Blender 2.9 interface.


This third Blender tutorial covers importing and fixing meshes exported from scientific applications, such as ParaView, VisIt, and VMD.


This fourth Blender tutorial covers setting up lights and rendering meshes with different renderers.


This fifth Blender tutorial covers camera animation.


This sixth Blender tutorial covers automating tasks by scripting.

Last update: June 17, 2021