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WhiteboxTools is an advanced geospatial data analysis platform which includes more than 480 tools. Many tools operate in parallel, taking full advantage of your multi-core processor.


WhiteboxTools is available in Puhti with following versions:

  • 2.1.0. Only WhiteboxTools Open Core tools are available on Puhti.


WhiteboxTools is available in the WhiteboxTools module and can be loaded with

module load whiteboxtools
whitebox_tools --version

Here is an example of calculating Hillshade for a 10m DEM.

whitebox_tools -r=Hillshade -v -i=/appl/data/geo/mml/dem10m/2019/M3/M34/M3444.tif -o=test_hillshade.tif --azimuth=315.0 --altitude=30.0


Whiteboxtools seem to have problems with Finnish NLS lidar files.

Example batch job script

#SBATCH --cpus-per-task=1
#SBATCH --partition=small
#SBATCH --time=00:10:00
#SBATCH --mem=2G

module load whiteboxtools
whitebox_tools -r=Hillshade -v -i=/appl/data/geo/mml/dem10m/2019/M3/M34/M3444.tif -o=test_hillshade.tif --azimuth=315.0 --altitude=30.0

License and acknowledgement

The WhiteboxTools open-core platform is distributed under the MIT license

Please acknowledge CSC and Geoportti in your publications, it is important for project continuation and funding reports. As an example, you can write "The authors wish to thank CSC - IT Center for Science, Finland (urn:nbn:fi:research-infras-2016072531) and the Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research (Geoportti, urn:nbn:fi:research-infras-2016072513) for computational resources and support".


Last update: October 10, 2022