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PANNZER2/SANSPANZ is a fully automated service for functional annotation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins of unknown function. The tool is designed to predict the functional description (DE) and gene ontology (GO) classes.


Pannzer has been published with the GNU Public Licence v3.


In puhti SANSPANZ annotation tool is taken in use with command:

module load biokit

After loading the module you can launch sanspanz analysis using command For example: -R -m Pannzer -s "species name" -i  input_seqs.fasta -o results.csv
The species name is used to determine taxonomic distances. The output is written to the file defined with option -o. Also three other output files are created: * Pannzer.out_1 contains details of the description (DE) prediction. * Pannzer.out_2 contains details of the GO prediction. * Pannzer.out_3 is a summary of all predicted annotations.

Pannzer.out_3 can be converted to HTML-format with command < Pannzer.out_3 > annotations.html
If you upload this file to Allas with command:
a-flip annotations.html
You can use the link provided by a-flip to study the results with your browser.

Note, that in Puhti you should always use with option -R that sends the analysis jobs to the annotation sever maintained by the Holm group. Thus, the job does not use the resources of Puhti and it can be run as an intercative job in a login node.

More information

For more information, execute command: -h
Or study Pannzer home page:

Last update: October 10, 2022