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Disk quota exceeded

This warning means that you have exceeded your disk space quota or have too many files on the disk area. To see which quota is used up, type:


An example output is shown below:

Personal home folder        Quota
/users/jdoe                 Capacity:     653M/10G   Files:    .68k/100k

Project applications        Quota
/projappl/project_2000040   Capacity:   283.5M/50G   Files:    .37k/100k

Project scratch             Quota
/scratch/project_2000040    Capacity:   1.098T*/1T   Files:   .02k/1000k

The asterisk (*) indicates which quota is exceeded. To be able to create new files in this file area, delete or re-arrange files or apply for more quota.


If you exceed disk quota in your HOME or PROJAPPL directory upon Conda-based installations of your software on Puhti/Mahti, we recommend using containerised applications instead. The Conda-based installations unfortunately result in the creation of excessive number of files which can cause extra overhead on Lustre parallel file system in HPC environment. In some cases, you can clearly see the inordinate delays in the activation time of Conda environment. Please adapt container-based installation as the choice of installation method for better performance. We support HPC-compliant Singularity containers on Puhti/Mahti. To easily containerize your Conda environments, please see the Tykky container wrapper tool.

If you are new to the concept of containers, you can consult the following relevant sections of tutorials which are collected as part of previous CSC courses:

Last update: June 27, 2022