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cuda-gdb: CUDA debugger


Puhti: 10.2
Mahti: 10.1


cuda-gdb is an NVIDIA extension of the GNU debugger gdb. It is a command-line tool for debugging CUDA programs.

In order to use tool the CUDA code has to be compiled with the extra flags -g and -G.

Next in an interactive session one needs to first load the CUDA module:

module load cuda

and then the debugging can be started by running:

cuda-gdb ./cuda_program

The tool supports all options of gdb and some extra commands specific to CUDA debugging:

  • Info commands: Commands to query information about CUDA activities
  • Focus Commands: Commands to query or switch the focus of the debugger
  • Configuration Commands: Commands to configure the CUDA-specific commands

Memory leaks of device code can be checked inside the debugger by activating the memory checker with set cuda memcheck on. Alternatively the cuda-memcheck or compute-sanitizer tool can be used outside of the debugger (cuda-memcheck ./cuda_program or compute-sanitizer ./cuda_program).

Last update: October 13, 2022