Puhti is CSC's supercomputer. It has been available for CSC users since 2 September 2019. It contains CPU nodes with a range a memory sizes as well as a large GPU partition (Puhti AI). Please see the specifications for details on the nodes and storage systems.

Accessing Puhti

To gain access, please go to my.csc.fi to apply for access to Puhti. Further instructions are provided in the Accounts section of this user guide.

Connecting to Puhti

Connect using a ssh client:

ssh <csc_username>@puhti.csc.fi

This will connect you to one of the login nodes. If you need to connect to a specific login node, use the command:

ssh <csc_username>@puhti-login<number 1-2>.csc.fi

For instructions on how to connect using Putty or establishing a graphical connection, see the connecting page.


The login nodes can be used for compiling, moving data and light pre- and postprocessing. Light means that these one-core-jobs should finish in minutes and require a few GiB of memory at maximum. All other tasks are to be done in the compute nodes using the batch job system. Programs not adhering to these rules will be terminated without warning. Note that compute nodes can be used also interactively

Using Puhti