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nsys: Nvidia GPU and CPU profiler


Puhti: 2020.4.1.144
Mahti: 2021.1.1.66


The nsys profiling tool collects and views profiling data from the command-line. It enables the collection of a timeline of CUDA-related activities on both CPU and GPU, including kernel execution, memory transfers, memory set and CUDA API calls and events or metrics for CUDA kernels. The tool is very useful in identifying the high-level bottlenecks, hotspots and for determining which kernels should be targeted for optimization and analysis with the Nsight Compute tool.
Profiling results are displayed in the console after the profiling data is collected, and may also be saved for later viewing by nsys-ui tool.

To use nsys, one needs to first load a CUDA environment. First load the appropriate gcc module

module load gcc/9.1.0
on Puhti, or
module load gcc/10.3.0
on Mahti and then the CUDA and nsight-systems modules
module load cuda
module load nsight-systems

To profile a CUDA code, one then adds the command nsys before the normal command to execute the code. Running is otherwise similar to that of any other CUDA job on Puhti or Mahti.

An example of usage and output of nsys:

$ nsys profile -t nvtx -o <results_file> --stats=true --force-overwrite true ./a.out
Collecting data...
Processing events...
Capturing symbol files...
Saving temporary "/tmp/cristian/6584503/nsys-report-b4eb-c068-9292-3b17.qdstrm" file to disk...
Creating final output files...

Processing [==============================================================100%]
Saved report file to "/tmp/cristian/6584503/nsys-report-b4eb-c068-9292-3b17.qdrep"

Exporting 4657 events:

Generating CUDA API Statistics...

CUDA API Statistics (nanoseconds)
Time(%)      Total Time       Calls         Average         Minimum         Maximum  Name                                                                        
-------  --------------  ----------  --------------  --------------  --------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
   85.3       323223522           4      80805880.5          128957       322811927  cudaMalloc                                                                      
   13.6        51524634           1      51524634.0        51524634        51524634  cudaDeviceReset 

Generating CUDA Kernel Statistics...
CUDA Kernel Statistics (nanoseconds)
Time(%)      Total Time   Instances         Average         Minimum         Maximum  Name     
-------  --------------  ----------  --------------  --------------  --------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
  100.0           22912           1         22912.0           22912           22912  multiply_add_kn(float*, float const*, float const*, float const*, int)      

Generating CUDA Memory Operation Statistics...
CUDA Memory Operation Statistics (nanoseconds)
Time(%)      Total Time  Operations         Average         Minimum         Maximum  Name  
-------  --------------  ----------  --------------  --------------  --------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
   79.0         2022300           3        674100.0          663903          692095  [CUDA memcpy HtoD]                                                          
   21.0          536223           1        536223.0          536223          536223  [CUDA memcpy DtoH]                                                           

CUDA Memory Operation Statistics (KiB)
              Total      Operations              Average            Minimum              Maximum  Name                                         
-------------------  --------------  -------------------  -----------------  -------------------  ------------------------------------------------
           3906.250               1             3906.250           3906.250             3906.250  [CUDA memcpy DtoH]   
          11718.750               3             3906.250           3906.250             3906.250  [CUDA memcpy HtoD]                                             

Generating Operating System Runtime API Statistics...
Operating System Runtime API Statistics (nanoseconds)
Time(%)      Total Time       Calls         Average         Minimum         Maximum  Name                                                         
-------  --------------  ----------  --------------  --------------  --------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
   67.0       343435124          29      11842590.5           23172       100249843  poll                                                                         
   22.6       115645051        1102        104941.1            1286        25309244  ioctl                                                                           
   5.5        28249766           4       7062441.5            3763        15288473   fread 

nsys supports many useful running options. For more details please check the nvidia documentation.

The report above can also be viewed using the graphical interface. The results of the analysis are saved in the the specified file, <results_file>.qdrep and can be viewed directly on the CSC servers running nsys-ui or copied on local computers and viewed using a local installation of the nsight-systems.

Last edited Fri Aug 13 2021