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How to manually cache images in Rahti's registry

It is possible to manually cache images in Rahti's internal registry. This could be useful to remove an external dependency or improve performance.

The process is simple, go to, there you must do two things:

  1. Create an image in the project's space.

    Create Image

    Create Image II

  2. Find the login command and use it to login in the terminal.

    Login command

Update the image

  • Pull the image from docker hub in your laptop, tag it with the name you just created, and push it to Rahti's registry. For example to cache centos:7:
docker pull centos:7
docker tag centos:7$PROJECT/centos:7
docker push$PROJECT/centos:7

This has to be repeated for every time the upstream changes.

Use the image

Go to your project's deployment, and edit it.

Edit deployment

Go to the Images section, make sure the option "Deploy images from an image stream tag" is clicked. Finally select the new image.

Use cached image

Last update: April 15, 2021