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Static web server

How to set up a static web server in Rahti.

  1. Create a project. Instructions

  2. In the catalog view, select Apache HTTP Server. Select-httpd

  3. Type in the source Git repository containing the content to be served. Here, the sample content is used, and the application is created in the project http-test-project. type-in-git

  4. Click Create. Navigate to the newly created project: new-project

    Select Overview in the menu on the left.

  5. Now, the OpenShift dashboard should display information about the application. This application is available at new-app-info

OpenShift processed a template that provisioned various objects, such as Pods, Services, Routes, DeploymentConfigs, and Builds into the container cloud, and as a result, a web server emerged.

For deeper insight in to the created objects, please see:

  • Core objects for introduction to the fundamental objects on which OpenShift/Kubernetes applications are built upon.
  • Kubernetes and OpenShift Concepts for how managing applications in OpenShift/Kubernetes is further streamlined using higher abstraction level objects.

Last update: July 14, 2020