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What is Pouta

What is Pouta?

cPouta and ePouta are the IaaS cloud services at CSC. The cPouta cloud is the public cloud which is easily accessible via the internet. The ePouta cloud is a virtual private cloud designed to meet the security requirements of handling sensitive data. Both the cPouta and ePouta clouds run on the OpenStack cloud software. The Pouta cloud services are suitable for most kinds of computational workloads and any other supporting services these workloads might need.

The cPouta virtual machines can be connected to external IP addresses, and in this case they can be directly accessed on the internet. This helps customers run widely available services, but the customers must also take care to secure their machines. The virtual machines do not have access to any other part of CSC's infrastructure, other than what is already visible on the internet. Application data and software must be uploaded either via the internet or copied from CSC's existing shared storage services.

The ePouta cloud services are well suited for computational workloads involving sensitive data as well as extending a customer's existing IT infrastructure. The ePouta cloud services are attached to the customer's infrastructure and can be used to analyse sensitive data which may require large amounts of memory or clustered I/O performance, a remote desktop for processing sensitive data etc. The virtual machines in the ePouta cloud may optionally have network access to specific sensitive data repositories at CSC.

Last update: March 22, 2023