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Grid Monitor

The Grid Monitor is a web based tool for getting information about the status of ARC based grids and the clusters running the jobs. The monitor is maintained by the Nordugrid community and it is located at the following URL address:

The main page of the grid-monitor shows information about grid clusters from several countries. If we are only interested about the Finnish environment here, we can alternatively use the URL address:

that shows just the Finnish ARC clusters.

The main view of the Grid Monitor shows a list of clusters and the load of each cluster. The relative load of each cluster are shown as a bar diagram, where the blue bar shows the locally submitted jobs the green bar shows the amount of grid jobs submitted through the ARC middleware.

The main view of the Grid Monitor contains a large amount of links. If you click the cluster name in the Site column, you can open a window that shows the details of the cluster including, for example, the name of the machine, its operating system and the available runtime environments.

Clicking on one of the green bars in the Load diagram opens a new window showing the grid jobs currently running in the corresponding cluster and if you click on a number in the Queueing column you will get a similar view about the grid jobs queuing in the batch job system of that cluster. In the job lists you can further click the Job name to see the details of a specific job or hash of the job Owner.

A more detailed description about the Grid Monitor tool can be found from the Grid Monitor manual (pdf) , provided by the Nordugrid community.

Last update: November 22, 2021