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LS-DY­NA is a gen­er­al-pur­pose fi­nite el­e­ment pro­gram ca­pa­ble of sim­u­lat­ing com­plex re­al world prob­lems. It is used by the au­to­mo­bile, aero­space, con­struc­tion, mil­i­tary, man­u­fac­tur­ing, and bio­engi­neer­ing in­dus­tries. LS-DY­NA is op­ti­mized for shared and dis­trib­uted mem­o­ry Unix, Lin­ux, and Win­dows based, plat­forms.


LS-DYNA is proprietary software. The licenses available at CSC are only for academic use.


CSC's LS-DYNA licenses are available on CSC's computing platform Puhti. Latest products will be available on the server, and earlier versions installation is also possible. All installed versions are maintained on the server.


After login on the server, give command

module available

and check lines lsdyna/(version number). For example to load LS-DYNA version 11.1.0, give command

module load lsdyna/11.1.0

There is available an example of batch job file on Puhti server:


Copy the file and modify it for your own use. Further instructions are given in the file.


In problem situation, send an email to

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Last update: May 2, 2022